Best Items to Build on Milio in League of Legends

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Upon the official release of Milio's abilities earlier today, it looks like he will be one of the best enchanter supports in League of Legends. He has multiple healing abilities, crowd control, and can empower his allies with damage and increased Attack Range. Another point that will make Milio such a strong champion is the fact that he does not have many skill shots, which means he can impact the game without worrying about landing his abilities.

Milio can be slotted into bot lane to support almost any ADC champion, and he will thrive with them throughout the game because of the amount of utility he possesses. Here are the best items to build on Milio upon his release in a couple weeks.

Best Items to Build on Milio in League of Legends

1. Moonstone Renewer - Milio will play similarly to Soraka or Yuumi, as he will heal his allies with multiple abilities and provide movement speed buffs through a shield. Therefore, Moonstone Renewer will be one of the best items to build on him because it empowers the healing and shielding he provides to his allies. Additionally, it will synergize with the other items Milio will build in the later stages of the game.

2. Ardent Censer - This item will grant Milio's ally an attack speed buff, which synergizes immensely with the Attack Range buff that he provides via his kit. Ardent Censer also combines well with Moonstone Renewer, as both items increase the healing and shielding power of Milio. This item also grants additional Ability Power, which will help the burn from Milio deal additional damage when utilized by his ADC in fights.

3. Redemption - This will increase Milio's healing and shielding by double the amount of the previous two items, which will give him a huge power spike in the mid and late game. Furthermore, it provides Ability Haste alongside Moonstone Renewer, which means that Milio's shields and heals will be on a relatively low cooldown. Lastly, the active that comes along with Redemption is game changing during team fights, as it heals any allies within the radius of the active and deals damage to any enemies in range.