Best Moves for Metagross in Pokemon GO

Trainers want to know the best moves available for Metagross in Pokemon GO.
Trainers want to know the best moves available for Metagross in Pokemon GO. / The Pokemon Company

Trainers want to know the best moves available for Metagross in Pokemon GO.

Metagross is one of the most powerful steel and psychic-type competitive choices in-game. With an impressive stat make-up, long list of resistances, and powerful move pool, this Pokemon has been a popular choice in PvP content since its introduction in February 2018.

Below, we've explained the best moves this Pokemon can have in combat.

Best Moves for Metagross in Pokemon GO

Metagross, as a steel and psychic-type, is weak to ground, ghost, fire, and dark-types. It is strong against normal, flying, rock, steel, grass, ice, dragon, and fairy-types with double resistance to poison and psychic-types.

It has the following stats:

  • Maximum CP: 4286
  • Maximum HP: 172
  • Attack: 257
  • Defense: 228
  • Stamina: 190

The best moveset for Metagross contains the quick move Bullet Punch paired with the charged move Meteor Mash. Appropriate substitutes include the quick move Zen Headbutt and the charged move Psychic.

Fortunately, Metagross' small quick move pool makes things simple. Both moves, Zen Headbutt and Bullet Punch, benefit from Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) and work equally well in practice. Bullet Punch generates more energy per second (EPS)—11 to Zen Headbutt's 9—but Zen Headbutt does more damage—13 to Bullet Punch's 12.

We tend to err on the side of energy over damage to prompt more uses of the Pokemon's charged move, but truthfully the variation between the two is so minute it doesn't make enough of a difference.

In contrast, Metagross' charged move pool contains six moves. Only three of these take advantage of STAB, however: Psychic, Flash Cannon, and the Elite TM move Meteor Mash. Flash Cannon is the weakest of the three which leaves Meteor Mash and Psychic vying for the spot. Unfortunately for Psychic, Meteor Mash—as an Elite TM move—far surpasses it.

Meteor Mash has a DPS output of 46 at 19 energy per cast. Psychic does 38 DPS at 18 energy per cast. Like its quick moves, the difference between Metagross' charged moves is extremely minuscule. We recommend Meteor Mash over Psychic but, if trainers can't gain access to it, Psychic works just as well.

Pokemon GO trainers can get a Metagross for themselves during the 2021 December Community Day event.