Best Moveset for Deino in Pokémon GO

Image courtesy of Niantic

Even though Deino is the base Pokémon of a three-stage evolution ending in the incredibly powerful Hydreigon, you may still find yourself wanting to battle with it to take down low HP gym Pokémon, or to earn some buddy hearts. With Community Day coming up in Pokémon GO and the spotlight on Deino, here's everything you need to know about the best moveset for Deino, and battling with it.

Best Moveset for Deino in Pokémon GO

Deino is a Dark and Dragon-type Pokemon, meaning it is strong against seven different types, resisting Fire, Grass, Water, Electric, Ghost, Dark, and Psychic-type moves. On the other hand, it's extremely weak to Fairy-types, and weak to Fighting, Bug, Ice, and Dragon-type moves. Gardevoir, Togekiss, Granbull, and Sylveon are among the common counters to Deino to avoid going up against in battle.

Being a Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon, Deino receives extra STAB damage for those Dark and Dragon-type moves to which it has access. STAB refers to Same Type Attack Bonus, which gives a damage boost to moves a Pokémon uses that matches its type. Naturally, that would lead the best moveset for Deino to involve those Dark and Dragon-type moves to get the maximum damage output possible from your Pokémon.

Deino can learn two fast moves: Dragon Breath and Tackle. Dragon Breath is clearly the best move to put on Deino for the fast attack, and the low move pool means that it should be very easy to get the best move.

Deino can learn learn three charged moves: Dragon Pulse, Body Slam, and Crunch. Body Slam is Normal-type, and will not do as much damage, but the other two do a comparable amount to use with your Deino.