Best Moveset for Gardevoir Pokemon GO: What Moves to Pick

Best moveset for Gardevoir in Pokemon GO has changed a bit since the August Community Day just finished. Many have been wondering if Gallade or Gardevoir is better in Pokemon GO, but the answer is fairly clear.

Gardevoir is the strongest of the two and is the best attacking Fairy-type Pokemon in the game.

Best Moveset for Gardevoir Pokemon GO

Since Gardevoir is the best Fairy Pokemon in the game, you want both her moves to be Fairy. So choose Charm as her Quick Attack and Dazzling Gleam has her Charged attack, but you want even more than that.

After the August Community Day, players could have taught Gardevoir Synchronoise, a powerful Psychic attack. So you should have taught Gardevoir that ability, then spend the Stardust to learn another Charged attack and take Dazzling Gleam. Then she will have the best two Fairy moves plus a powerful Psychic attack.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo