Best Samira Build League of Legends

Best Samira League of Legends Build
Best Samira League of Legends Build / Image via Riot Games

Best Samira build League of Legends is similar to some ADCs that are already in the game. While her playstyle is wild and dynamic, her build seems to be fairly straightforward as a crit-based AD Carry. While most of the Samira builds out there are still experimental, lets take a look at the safest build so you can try out the Desert Rose today!

Best Samira Build League of Legends

Best Samira Runes

Since Samira's entire playstyle revolves around using her abilities fast and her ultimate sprays out waves of gunfire, Conqueror seems like a natural fit. Samira will have the ability to stack Conqueror quickly and then decimate her enemies with it.

Aside from Conqueror, Samira should take a very standard ADC build, opting for Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, and Coup de Grace. These will help Samira increase her sustain and attack speed against enemies.

Samira's AoE ultimate makes her a strong candidate for a domination secondary, as her ultimate can benefit from lifesteal. Opt for Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter to maximize Samira's sustain.

Best Samira Items

Since her abilities stack with critical strike, Samira makes sense as a champion that would follow a classic crit build. Since she needs to use abilities in order to build up her style meter, Essence Reaver is a great first buy, as it will help her maintain her mana levels.

After buying Bezerker's Greaves--like every other ADC--Samira will likely opt for an Infinity Edge in order boost her damage output. After purchasing Infinity Edge, Samira will be able to start being more aggressive in lane and taking more aggressive fights.

Next, Samira should purchase a Zeal item based on the game state. If she needs to be a little safer, she can go for Phantom Dancer. If she is ahead, she can opt for Stattik Shiv and deal even more damage. After the Zeal item, Samira can build purely situationally--Death's Dance, Guardian Angel, and Bloodthirster all remain options depending on the state of the game.

Samira is still extremely new and players will continue to experiment with different builds. While this is the recommended build for the new champion, it's encouraged that you continue to experiment with new ways to enjoy Samira.