5 Best Samira Counters in League of Legends

5 Best Samira Counters
5 Best Samira Counters / Image via Riot Games

The best Samira counters in League of Legends are necessary in order to find out the best ways to defeat the new champion. Samira has seemed extremely powerful so far and players will need a solution in the games she isn't banned.

Lets take a look at which champions can deal with the Desert Rose!

5 Best Samira Counters


Caitlyn seems like the default counter pick to tough ADCs. Her long range should be an effective counter to Samira's fairly limited range. Additionally, her ability to escape with her E should be an effective counter to Samira's dashes. She can pick Samira apart from a distance which makes her a effective counter.


While it might not be the most effective counter, Twitch can surprise Samira before she has a chance to stack her style points and pop her ultimate. Twitch can appear out of stealth and burst Samira down before she has a chance to charge up her full damage combo, making him a good way to compete with the new ADC.


Since the early game can get a little dicey, it's important Senna plays passively until she can stack up enough mists. Once her auto attack range increases to a point that she can safely trade with Samira, she can start to poke her out of lane. Her sustain will also make it easier to survive Samira's intense burst combo.


Ashe's ability to deal with Samira completely relies on her ability to effectively kite and land her arrow. She can use her passive to slow Samira and keep her away while dealing damage. Ashe's arrow is her best opportunity to get a kill, but she has to make sure that she baits out Samira's W, which can block enemy missiles, first.


Ezreal is extremely hard to pin down, which is why he may be very effective at dealing with Samira. His blink will allow him to keep a safe distance even through Samira's dashes. Additionally, his long distance will allow him to pick Samira down from long range and make it difficult for her to farm.