Best SMG in Warzone: SMG Tier List

The MP5 SMG in Warzone.
The MP5 SMG in Warzone. / Photo by Max Mallow

Best SMG in Warzone is vital for players' loadouts as it'll give them the edge in tense, close-quarters scenarios.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a new free-to-play battle royale released March 10. It's quickly become one of the most popular titles in the genre garnering over 15 million players since launch. The sub-machine gun archetype is one of the most popular in the Call of Duty franchise. Run-and-gun players favor the weapons as they allow for high damage up close and increased mobility.

Such is the case in Warzone, though it's all about being more precise with your strategy.

Best SMG in Warzone: SMG Tier List

Here are the best SMGs to use in Call of Duty: Warzone divided into tiers.

S Tier

  • MP5 - The MP5 is arguably the best gun in all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare currently. It packs a punch up close, can do damage at medium range and is lethal in the right hands. Certain attachments make the weapon stand out as well.
  • MP7 - Another high quality SMG with a strong fire rate and damage in short range fights. The MP7 even has a higher base magazine capacity at 40 compared to the MP5. Players will notice the difference though between an MP7 and an MP5. Although, don't shy away from picking up an MP7 early from a supply crate.

A Tier

  • P90 - The P90 is a Call of Duty franchise favorite packing a large magazine. Modern Warfare's P90 hasn't lived up to the hype completely, but variants like Dry Heat still are decent in the early to middle parts of a Warzone game.

B Tier

  • PP19 Bizon - The Bizon might not be a top choice, but the Wolf's Bite blueprint is a valuable pickup from supply crates and enemy bodies. It's an upgrade on most basic loadouts, but try to veer toward the MP5 and MP7.

C Tier

  • Striker 45 - Fans were excited to see the UMP-45 make a return as a Battle Pass weapon in Modern Warfare. Unfortunately, it's not available for everyone and it's not the same as the MW2 weapon.
  • AUG - Another gun that's failed to find its footing in Modern Warfare. The AUG should be passed on unless you need it in the early game to take down people around you.

D Tier

  • Uzi - Don't even think about it. The Uzi is one of the worst weapons in all of Modern Warfare. Avoid this weapon at all costs.