Best Viego Builds in League of Legends

Viego can be built into bruiser, tank, or full attack damage champion.
Viego can be built into bruiser, tank, or full attack damage champion. / Courtesy of Riot Games

The first champion the League of Legends community will get this year is Viego, the Ruined King. Although he has not officially been released, Riot already made his abilities public. From PBE server, the community learns that Viego's damage is physical, with all recommended items in the League of Legends shop pointing toward attack damage items. He is classified as a melee champion with kits that have slight range. He is also rumored to be a jungler.

Best Viego Builds in League of Legends

From his kit, it seems like Viego is best to be built as bruiser. Although this does not mean that players cannot opt for tank or lethality items. In PBE server, its suggested starting items include Blade of The Ruined King and Trinity Force for dueling and Kraken Slayer for anti-tank. This brings us to the following three paths:

1. Bruiser Path

Viego can build either Divine Sunderer, Trinity Force, or Goredrinker for the Mythic item. The next item build follows classic bruiser builds such as Sterak's Gage, Plated Steelcaps, Blade of The Ruined King, or Death's Dance. With this build, he can act as an aggressive frontline that can initiate a fight, deal constant damage, while sustaining the damage with multiple healing items.

2. Tank Path

This may be quite an unusual build path but if you want to utilize his passive in a team fight, theoretically tank build is viable. A damage item such as Titanic Hydra, combined with full tank items can make Viego a solid frontliner with reliable constant damage. Once the enemy carry is dead, he can possess them using his passive, stealing both the enemy carry's abilities and items for a few seconds.

3. Attack Damage Path

There is another reason that Riot recommends Kraken Slayer besides it being an anti-tank item. It works well with Viego's Blade of the Ruined King (Q) and Harrowed Path (E). Items such as Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge can be built following Kraken Slayer. It may make him more squishy but he just needs to be aware of his positioning. He also needs to target the right enemy. The downside of this build is he may not optimize his passive if his itemization is far better than the enemy's carry.