Bewitching Anivia Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

Bewitching Aniva is a new epic skin coming to League of Legends.

New skins can be a big deal in League of Legends since it is currently the only way players can customize the in-game appearance of their favorite champions. After the recent event Fright Night, Riot Games is ready to release more October-themed cosmetics with the return of the hit series of Bewitching skins.

Bewitching Anivia is one of the five new Halloween-themed skins that will soon be available to purchase. Other champions who will receive an epic Bewitching skin include Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, Neeko, and Senna.

Bewitching Anivia Splash Art

Splash art ofSenna and Anivia in their 2022 Bewitching Skin for League of Legends
Riot Games

The skins in this fall's Bewitching line of skins will all have a purplish and spooky theme that one should expect from any Halloween aesthetic. It's a nice twist to see Anivia, and after the reveal, it fits perfectly.

Bewitching Anivia Price

Bewitching Anivia will cost a typical price of cost 1,350 Riot points which converts to about $10.

Bewitching Anivia Release Date

Bewitching Anivia is expected to release in Patch 12.2.0 That patch is scheduled to be released on Oct. 20.

How to Get Bewitching Anivia

Like most skins for League of Legends, the only way to obtain it is through using Riot points. As mentioned the epic bewitching skin can be purchased for 1,350 Riot points. If you do not feel like spending the money then you can look into other free ways to stock up on Riot points.

Hopefully, you will have a decent amount of Riot points saved in time when the bewitching skins drop in a few weeks.