Biomutant Automaton Upgrades Explained

Biomutant's Automaton has four upgrades to choose from
Biomutant's Automaton has four upgrades to choose from / Photo by THQ Nordic

Here’s a list of Biomutant Automaton upgrades.

When players first launch Biomutant they don’t have many abilities to work with. Players can run, roll, and shoot their weapons but that’s just about it. If players are looking to upgrade themselves and gain powerful perks, they’ll have to find out how to upgrade their loyal, mechanical Automaton.

Like any other game, once players find out how to better themselves and their characters, they’ll want to find how to do so. Unlocking everything the Automaton has to offer can be the solution for that.

Biomutant Automaton Upgrades

Upgrading the Automaton is relatively simple. When players work their way through the Main Quest, they’ll receive notifications that a new side quest is available, titled “Mirage."

Once this pops up, players can go to the NPC, start the quest and deal with the short combat that comes forth. This rewards a free Automaton upgrade. This side quest can be completed in four different locations, with each having four different rewards. All upgrades can be eventually unlocked as players continue playing the game.

Here is the list of unlockable Automaton upgrades:

  • Air Glider: Gives you the ability to use a parachute-like contraption to glide through the air after a double jump.
  • Power-Up: Enable this from the consumable menu to temporarily boost your damage output.
  • Turret: Provides your Automaton with a turret that assists you in combat.
  • Health Injector: Provides a health boost in combat and can be activated through the consumable menu.