Blizzard Confirms Upcoming Cassidy Event Won't Focus on Name Change

"Justice ain't gonna dispense itself."
"Justice ain't gonna dispense itself." / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

A Blizzard community manager has confirmed that the upcoming Overwatch story event set to be centered around Cole Cassidy won't be addressing the hero's recent name change.

AndyB is back at it again, this time giving the community a heads up of what — and what not — to expect with Cassidy's upcoming story event in Overwatch.

Back in August when it was first announced that Overwatch's beloved cowboy bounty hunter would be having his name changed, Blizzard mentioned in their statement that they were just planning to kick off a narrative arc in September featuring Cassidy in a key role with a new story and game content.

While those plans were delayed by Blizzard in order to give them time to introduce the character's new name, as well throw a promotion that allows players to change their BattleTags for free in recent weeks, some in the Overwatch community became curious just when that original event would eventually release.

As posted on the official Blizzard forums on Nov. 1, one user by the name of Bombastic created a discussion thread titled, "So what happen to the Mccree event?"

"He was supposed to have an event to introduce his name change," Bombastic wrote. "I guess that was a big fat lie."

Soon enough, Blizzard's AndyB replied to the thread to clear the air, not only confirming that the event is still set to release soon, but also what's its focus will be.

"The upcoming Cassidy event is not to reveal his new name," AndyB wrote, "nor do we intend to have Cowboy’s new name be a celebratory moment. What’s most likely driving confusion is the fact that we decided to delay the original event to account for the updated name."

This lines up with the part of Blizzard's August statement that emphasized the team is looking to build a fictional universe that is "unmistakably different from the real world."

While the Cassidy name change and previously-made declaration that in-game characters moving forward won't be named after real employees was one thing, it appears that this upcoming Overwatch story event will take the next step in that direction upon its release.