Bugsnax Bad Ending Explained

Bugsnax bad ending is among multiple ending options after a plot twist at the end
Bugsnax bad ending is among multiple ending options after a plot twist at the end / Courtesy of Young Horses

Bugsnax's bad ending may come as a surprise for players. Started off as a game about capturing 100 different half-bug-half-snack species of Bugsnax that everyone loves to eat using a variety of contraptions and bait, Young Horses created a twist ending to the game. Players control a newspaper reporter who received a film strip from a disgraced explorer, Lizbert Megafig. She directed the player to Snaktooth Island, an island inhabited by Bugsnax to come to the island and document Bugsnax for the world to see.

Bugsnax Bad Ending Explained

Once the player reached the island, they discover that Lizbert has gone missing and her muppet-like expedition mates called Grumpuses are scattered. Most of the game is about helping Filbo Fiddlepie, Lizbert's assistant to find out what happened to Lizbert. At one point, players found Lizbert and Eggabell up in the mountain after an earthquake. Players would be surprised to learn that Lizbert is no longer a Grumpus as she has been transformed into Bugsnax-like creature. She explained that Bugsnax are parasites that can transform whoever eats them to what they ate.

The ending started when Filbo and the player are assigned to head back to town to help all inhabitants to escape the island. However the once deemed as cute creatures, Bugsnax grew increasingly violent and started to attack the Grumpuses. Players will get a bad ending if many or all Grumpuses die during the escape. When reaching back to the mainland, everyone would stand around on a beach but they will be in a pretty negative mood revealed in various interactions. In addition to that, Filbo and the player will be "forced" to leave Lizbert and Eggabell behind.

Bugsnax is available now for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.