Bugsnax Hidden Trophies Guide

Bugsnax has three hidden trophies
Bugsnax has three hidden trophies / Courtesy of Young Horses

Bugsnax hidden trophies are required for players to earn 100% completion and Platinum Trophy "Bugsnax Master." There are a total of 28 Bugsnax trophies - 11 bronze, 10 silver, 6 gold, and 1 platinum. Of 28 trophies, three of them are hidden. Bugsnax is not particularly a lengthy game, therefore obtaining Platinum Trophy is not too tough. However, some trophies need tedious effort to earn.

Bugsnax Hidden Trophies

Here are the three Bugsnax hidden trophies:

1. Midnight Snak - Bronze

Midnight Snak
Midnight Snak / via bugsnax.fandom.com

Trophy earned: Bronze

Description: Transform Gramble

Walkthrough: Gramble, pink-furred Grumpus with a cyan, gumdrop-shaped nose and a resident of Snaxburg, generally is interested in Bugsnax as creatures, not as food. There is an option for players to feed him Bugsnax when he is sleep-walking.

2. Candid Cryptid - Silver

Candid Cryptid
Candid Cryptid / via bugsnax.fandom.com

Trophy earned: Silver

Description: Scan the Snaxsquatch

Walkthrough: Snaxsquatch is an anthropomorphic creature that is formed together by an assortment of various foods. It is usually found lurking at certain areas in Snaktooth Island, mostly Garden Grove and The Undersnax. Players will discover this creature near the end of the game. At Garden Grove during night time, Snaxsquatch appears standing still above the waterfall. At the Undersnax, it will appear next to Filbo when he asked for your help. Once players find them, they can scan the creature with SnaxScope.

3. Survivor - Gold

Survivor / Courtesy of Young Horses

Trophy earned: Gold

Description: All of the Grumpuses survive.

Walkthrough: During final escape (and rescue), none of the characters can die if players wish to unlock this trophy. Player must protect all Grumpuses at six different stations using different weapons. The challenges are ranging from easy (protecting Filbo from the Strawberrys) to difficult (protecting Beffice and Cromdo from flying Snax). Even though the trophy is relatively hard to earn, it is possible to Restart and try again.