Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 Release Date, Maps, Features: Everything You Need to Know

Price is coming, and so is a whole lot of new information and content in Modern Warfare
Price is coming, and so is a whole lot of new information and content in Modern Warfare / Photo courtesy of Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 is set to launch next week.

Release Date

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is already around the corner, and will be dropping across all platforms on Tuesday, June 2. While official media does say that it will be available June 3, Tuesday is usually reserved for title update pre-loading and downloads.

Expect the update to follow the same precedent as previous large title and season updates in that you’ll most likely need a lot of space free on your hard drive. Previous season updates for Modern Warfare have been as large as 60GB, so plan accordingly if you are running low on storage.

If you are running low, you can always look to delete a game not in your normal rotation, or even delete the campaign or spec ops modes from Modern Warfare to make space for the update. While no official announcement has been made by Infinity Ward or Activision yet regarding the content of the update, data miners are always hard at work looking to inform and provide us with a sneak peak of what is coming. Data miner u/JeaneJWE broke down what we can look forward to in this update through the games pre-update source code, and we have presented them here for your perusal.

New Maps

First up are five (5) new maps coming to Modern Warfare Multiplayer at the start of season 4. Three maps are apparently completely new:

  • Garden

  • Harbor

  • Oil Rig

There will also be two returning maps:

  • Broadcast (COD 4: MW & Warzone location)

  • Scrapyard (MW2 & Warzone location)

Outside of Multiplayer will also be four (4) new maps coming to the Gunfight mode. These include:

  • Drainage

  • Train

  • Trench

  • Townhouse (possibly related to Townhouse mission in Campaign)

Expect these maps to be added at the beginning of season 4, though there may be some scheduled for mid-season reveal as well.

New Weapons 

Previously leaked and hinted-at weapons to appear in Season 4 of Modern Warfare have now more information uncovered by data mining files. Most likely we will see some form of the following weapons and classifications:

  • Galil Assault Rifle

  • Vector Submachine Gun (renamed to the Fennec)

  • XM109 (Rytek AMR Anti-material Rifle - Sniper Rifle Class)

  • Akimbo Blades Melee Weapon

  • Akimbo Batons Melee Weapon

These weapons may be part of the season pass stream, or unlockable by completing some sort of in-game challenge. 

Captain Price Operator

During the in-game teaser for Warzone where Captain Price was not so mentioned by name but by his wardrobe, it looks that we will be indeed receiving the grizzly brit as a playable operator come season 4. This leaves only Farrah and Gaz from Price’s unit in the Campaign to appear officially as playable operators in-game, as Alex was included in the season 3 Battle Pass. 

Warzone Map Changes

Duos launched for Warzone on Tuesday, and this time it seems that the Battle Royale may be getting a bit of a map makeover - by water. Previous leaks have focused on the Dam in Verdansk, and it may end up collapsing or being destroyed in some way - much like with what happened in Black Ops 4’s Blackout

The main menu for Modern Warfare actually features the Dam, which by the way is flowing with water and not frozen over like it currently is in Warzone. If by destruction, or simply a thawing out in response to the season changing to Summer, any change to the Dam location in Warzone is sure to have rippling ramifications on a huge section of the map. This could also preclude the introduction of boats in Warzone.

Also teased for Warzone is the Juggernaut game mode, as well an event titled “Jailbreak” which may allude to players being released from the gulag all at one time.

Other Updates and Information

As more information is released and Infinity Ward addresses the content to be officially included in Season 4, stay tuned to DBLTAP for up to date Call of Duty news and information. The data miners digging into Tuesday’s update have extensive information including other leaks for spec ops, weapon attachments, and game modes that will be coming with the new season. Give it a look if you are so inclined to learn everything possible that may be coming to Modern Warfare next week.