Call of Duty to Receive New Round-Based Zombies Mode

Courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty seems to be going into a more fantastical route as of recently, with both the potential reveal of Godzilla in Vanguard and Treyarch's new zombies mode, announced Thursday.

However, according to a new post from Treyarch, the traditional, round-based game mode seems to be treading new ground, with a bunch of new modes, alongside continuations of older storylines, coming to the game.

Call of Duty to Receive Brand New Round-Based Zombies Mode

With a new post on Treyarch's website stating their excitement on working on a proper zombies mode to add to Vanguard, it seems like the studio is returning to its roots, while still striving to push the mode into a new direction.

"While we’re extremely excited to deliver this classic style of gameplay for Vanguard players," Treyarch explained in their post, "We want to set the expectation up-front that it’s going to take some time to get it into your hands,."

Overall the studio says that it is working to expand its gameplay systems, adding new AI Pathfinding, fast travel mechanics, and generally just polishing it to make it a worthy sequel to its successors.

The new mode is set to follow the Dark Aether storyline, which may be the closest thing to Call of Duty: Lovecraft gamers will ever get.

Currently, the studio is doing its best to work on it's newly remastered map Shi No Numa, which is set for launch after Season 3 has officially ended. In addition, Treyarch has promised a wealth of seasonal challenges, new weaponry and other quality of life improvements in the update.

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