Call of the Sea Trailer: Every Trailer So Far

Call of the Sea for Xbox One and X Series.
Call of the Sea for Xbox One and X Series. / Photo Courtesy of Out of the Blue Games

Developers Out of the Blue Games have created a 1930 inspired, first person puzzle and adventure game for Xbox One and X Series. This will be their first ever game and will be published by Raw Fury.

Call of the Seas will tell the story of Norah who is on an island in the South Pacific to track down her husband who disappeared after an expedition to this island. Mystery, puzzles, adventures, self discovery and beauty awaits for players as graphics and images are showcased in the games trailer.

Call of the Sea Trailer Information

As players go through the search for Norah's missing husband, in the mysterious but beautiful island in the South Pacific, there will be many features that will be explored and found such as lost civilizations and a secret occult.

The scenery is beautiful and the trailer showcases an otherworldly experience. In the trailer are many scenes of the game that give clues but also anticipation to what players can expect as a shipwreck, large fish-like creature and webbed hands can be seen in the trailer.

The voice actress for Norah is Cissy Jones who is also most notably known for her role in Walking Dead season one and Firewatch. As she narrates in the trailer, it brings to life the mystery of both herself and her husband, but also the island as it has given her more energy in her life.

Fans are in for a spectacular game for those that like games involving adventure with mystery and puzzles. Will Norah be able to find her husband or will she end up like her husband that once traveled to this South Pacific island?

The game will be optimized for the Xbox X series but will be available for Xbox One and PC (on Steam). It will have a 4K Ultra HD feature that will only be accessible for Xbox X series plus all the benefits that the upcoming new console will provide such as load-times, responsiveness and increased frame rate. The game will also be available for Xbox Game Pass when it is released.

The game has been scheduled for a release in late 2020.