Can Furret be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

Can Furret be shiny in Pokémon GO?
Can Furret be shiny in Pokémon GO? / Photo by Pokémon Company International

Can Furret be Shiny in Pokémon GO? Yes it can be, and now is the perfect time to add this shiny friend to your team. Due to the current Mega September event, Mega Buddy Week, large Pokémon like Furret and Shiny Doduo will be appearing more frequently in the wild. The increased spawns make it the perfect time to go hunting for a Shiny.

Can Furret Be Shiny in Pokémon GO: How You Can Catch It

Shiny Furret can be differentiated from standard Furret by its pink and white color scheme. It almost looks like a pink candy cane. Shiny Sentret on the other hand is yellow and maroon with a white ring on its chest.

To increase your chances beyond what the event is offering, you should try an go out looking in partly cloudy weather. Because Furret is a Normal type Pokémon it receives increased spawns when It's partly cloudy due to the Weather Boost mechanic. You can also increase your chances by focusing on raids. Pokémon fought in Raid battles have a slightly higher than average chance of being shiny than those in the wild, so you should try to tackle Furret in raids when you can.