Can I Duo in My League of Legends Season 2023 Placements?

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League of Legends Season 2023 is here and players are already looking to complete their placement matches.

Solo/Duo Queue is the primary ladder for players wanting a Ranked experience. This means that a player will be able to queue by themselves or with another person to play alongside three other players.

League of Legends players often opt to queue with a friend when tackling the Solo/Duo ladder. There is a ranked mode that allows you to queue with a full team of five, which allows you to have fun and heighten the competition.

So, can you play with a friend in Ranked Solo/Duo before acquiring your rank?

Can I Duo in My League of Legends Season 2023 Placements?

Placement matches are the 10 games a player must get through in order to see their visual rank. The placement system does not allow a player to lose LP, and it allows them to gain a significant amount per win. Players will be able to play with a duo partner for the first placement game, but playing with each other after the first game will depend on the rank disparity between the two accounts.

If one account is placed more than one tier higher or lower than the other account, then you will not be able to duo again until the accounts become closer in rank. For example, accounts in silver can only play with people that are ranked bronze, silver, or gold. So, a silver player cannot play ranked placements with a person ranked in iron or platinum.

As long as both players are ranked within one tier, then they will be able to play all of their placements together.