Can You Change Your Character's Gender in Tower of Fantasy?

Image courtesy of Hotta Studio

Is it possible to change the gender of your character in Tower of Fantasy? Here's what we know.

Tower of Fantasy is a new anime-style, open world MMO, drawing comparisons to the likes of Genshin Impact. Set in a sci-fi world, Tower of Fantasy drops players into a time where resources have dwindled on Earth leading many to migrate to the world of Aida. Players can explore the world with a host of characters, and also play alongside friends.

Tower of Fantasy lets players customize their character whenever they want after creation, though more drastic changes cost 100 Dark Crystals each time. But how far does the customization go? Can you change your character's gender if you feel like switching things up?

How to Change Your Character's Gender in Tower of Fantasy

Fortunately, Tower of Fantasy does let players change their character's gender. Players need to head over to their Character menu and click on the character's gender sign. A menu will pop up with a button that reads "Change Sex." Press this and you can change your character between male and female.

Some players have reported that the button appears to be bugged. Selecting "Yes" when given the option to change seems to trigger nothing. The character remains as their original gender, with appearance and voice staying the same. Expect developer Hotta Studio to be working on a fix.