Can You Play Fortnite on Logitech G Cloud?

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The Logitech G Cloud is advertised to compete with other powerful handheld systems like the Nintendo Switch and Valve's Steam Deck. Unlike the other two, it uses Cloud technology to stream games. In order to run any games owners will have to subscribe to a Cloud gaming service. There are a few options, like NVIDIA GeForce Now, or Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The comfortable design and cheaper price are ideal for more casual play. Any system designed for all demographics needs some of the most popular games on its platform, so it might be wondering if the Logitech G Cloud can run games like Fortnite.

Can You Play Fortnite on Logitech G Cloud?

Fortnite has been the most popular accessible game in the world for years now. For those that want a new with to play Fortnite on the go no need to panic, the Logitech G Cloud can run Fortnite. A subscription to Xbox Cloud Gaming will give you access to Fortnite on your new Logitech G Cloud. Xbox Cloud Gaming is only included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $15 a month. With Game Pass Ultimate you can access the library of games on Xbox consoles and PCs so it is worth it if you own a variety of platforms.

The potential downside of the Logitech G Cloud is that when playing games on Cloud the user's experience may vary. Unless you have a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection, your gameplay will not be smooth. If you are a Fortnite fan who plays portably you may be better off playing on a Nintendo Switch or your mobile device.