Can You Play Mario Party Superstars on the Switch Lite?

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Switch Lite owners might be wondering if they can play Mario Party Superstars? Here's what you need to know.

The latest installment to the Mario Party franchise, Mario Party Superstars, launches tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch. This lively party game features a few throwbacks to the classic Nintendo 64 Mario Party, updated and improved for the modern console. With five classic boards and 100 minigames to jump into, this new entry appears to be packed full of content.

A worry for some, though, is the game's playability with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Without removable Joy-Cons, the Switch Lite has been mostly incompatible with certain Nintendo Switch games - including 2018's Super Mario Party. While the game was playable on the smaller console, players were unable to take full advantage of every minigame owing to a reliance on motion controls. It's no wonder, then, that some players have been concerned that Mario Party Superstars will be the same way. Here's what you need to know.

Can You Play Mario Party Superstars on the Switch Lite?

Good news for Nintendo Switch Lite players; Mario Party Superstars will be fully playable on the smaller console. Owing to the fact that all boards and minigames are based on classic Nintendo 64 game, everything can be played with button controls rather than motion.

All game modes support online multiplayer, too. So if you're a Switch Lite owner playing along with someone using the standard Nintendo Switch, you shouldn't be at a disadvantage in any capacity.

Mario Party Superstars launches tomorrow, Oct. 29, on Nintendo Switch.