Can You Play PUBG on Xbox 360?

Can You Play PUBG on XBOX 360? The short answer is no. The long answer is actually a bit interesting.

Can You Play PUBG on Xbox 360?

Theoretically, last gen's 360 should be able to run PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. The Xbox One version is basically a direct port with lowered graphics and frame-rate, and the game is even available on mobile. The mobile version runs rather decently as well, so there's no reason the 360 couldn't run it in theory. There is also a PUBG Lite in beta, a stripped down version for lower end PCs.

The 360 is still being supported online by Microsoft, and led last generation's console war as the de facto first person shooter system.

However, the 360 is not natively compatible with Xbox One games, which would have to involve PUBG Corp porting it properly to the 360. The Xbox One port had some special supervision by Microsoft, but Microsoft has halted much of their backward compatibility development for 360 games.

There aren't any plans or teasers for a last-gen PUBG port. What you can keep up with though is our PUBG coverage! The second Season 4 patch is now live, and features some minor fixes to the huge Season 4 rework update.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp.