Can You Refund Your Apex Legends Account?

Here's how to get a refund in Apex Legends.
Here's how to get a refund in Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

Wondering if you can refund your Apex Legends account? We have everything you need to know, plus a preview of the upcoming cosmetics you definitely will not want to return.

Apex Legends: Resurrection only has one more month left before Season 19 takes over. To close out the successful season, Respawn Entertainment is dropping new Halloween skins and a Revenant Prestige skin in the upcoming Doppelgangers Collection Event. With so many cosmetics hitting Apex Legends, players must be ready to spend their Apex Coins.

In cases of accidental purchases or unsatisfied customers, can players get refunded in Apex Legends?

Can You Refund Your Apex Legends Account?

Yes, you can get refunds to your Apex Legends account. If you accidentally purchase Apex Coins, EA provides players with a full refund, as long as they have not spent any of the in-game currency.

Players also receive refunds for unknown charges to their Apex Legends accounts. If there are any purchases showing up that you did not make, contact the live support at EA Help.

Unfortunately, there is no way to refund a skin purchase in Apex Legends. Back in 2020, an official Apex Legends employee posted on an EA Help thread, "Sorry to say but it is not possible for our team to remove a skin and refund you a purchase made by mistake."

Make sure to be mindful of all purchases on Apex Legends to ensure you do not need to request a refund.

How to Get Revenant Prestige Skin in Apex Legends

Fortunately, fans do not have to worry about refunds or in-game currency to get the Revenant Prestige skin in Apex Legends. The long-awaited skin is rumored to be the headlining reward for the upcoming Doppelgangers Collection Event during the Apex Legends Halloween 2023 celebration.

To unlock the Revenant Prestige skin, players must first collect all 24 limited time cosmetics in the Doppelgangers Collection Event. Then, they will automatically receive the Revenant Prestige skin in Apex Legends Season 18.