Can You Save Kaylee in The Quarry?

Kaylee may be sympathetic, but her fate is sealed.
Kaylee may be sympathetic, but her fate is sealed. / Courtesy of Supermassive Games

In The Quarry, you take charge of nine camp counselors trying to survive Werewolf attacks at The Hackett Family's camp The Quarry. The Quarry is also set to receive a multiplayer game mode to its gameplay coming soon, giving players lots more to do once they finish the main story.

The main story however, has plenty of drama and intrigue until then. Discover clues and evidence, solve the mysteries the group is facing, and do your best to keep everyone alive through the chapters of The Quarry as the stakes escalate. The Hackett Family, while not playable characters themselves, are still integral characters to the game's plot, and may be characters you'll grow attached to and want to keep alive (or not) throughout the game as well in addition to the playable characters.

Kaylee Hackett is one such family member. Here's everything you need to know on if you can save Kaylee Hackett and keep her alive in The Quarry. For obvious reasons, be aware of spoilers for the game The Quarry below.

Can You Save Kaylee in The Quarry?

Kaylee is certainly one of the more sympathetic figures of the Hackett Family in The Quarry. She is not one of the main antagonists stalking and trying to bite and infect many of the characters, and is a young girl who is revealed to have tried to free the original Werewolf in the game from being stuck in the circus Freak Show. Unfortunately, you cannot save her as she dies offscreen at the end of Chapter 5 no matter what you do. But that's not all bad news — she counts as a free kill if you are on a playthrough attempting to get the Family Matters achievement for killing the entire Hackett Family.