Can You Save Max in The Quarry?

Max and Laura in The Quarry
Max and Laura in The Quarry / Supermassive Games

The Quarry players may be wondering whether or not they can save Max.

The Quarry is a cinematic horror game in which the player takes control of nine camp counselors as they struggle to survive a night of horror, and the player's choices directly impact what happens to the cast. One of these cast members is Max, and players can save him depending on how they play.

How to Save Max in The Quarry

While players can't prevent Max from turning into a werewolf, they can prevent him from dying. Saving Max in The Quarry is relatively simple. Early on in the game, Max and Laura will find themselves in a storm shelter. Here, Max will get ambushed by a creature, and the player will have the option to either help or leave Max. This choice has no impact on whether Max lives or dies, and the immediate result of this scenario will end up the same, so players can pick whichever option they want.

No matter which option the player picks, Max will live. For the majority of the game, Max remains isolated to protect the rest of the group. The only time Max has the possibility of dying is in Chapter 10.

If Dylan and Laura are both killed by this point, Max will be killed in Chapter 10 after deciding to swim to the coast and meet Caleb right away. To prevent this, all players need to do is keep Laura and Dylan alive throughout the game. Doing this will prevent the sequence that allows Max to die from occurring entirely.

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