Can You Trade Darkrai in Pokemon GO?

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

What Halloween season would be complete without a nightmare to plague players? Darkrai, the Pitch black Pokemon, has arrived in Pokemon go as a Legendary Raid boss. But once captured, can it be traded?

As a top-tier Pokemon in the mobile game, Darkrai is a monster that most trainers want in their ranks. It’s immense attack stat with powerful Dark-type moves makes this Pokemon a nightmare for opponents, though this also means that it’s raid battle is equally terrifying. For most beginning players who aren’t quite up to snuff with Legendary Raid qualifications, receiving a Darkrai through trade doesn't seem like a bad idea. It’s just a matter of whether it can be traded or not.

Can You Trade Darkrai in Pokemon GO?

To the disappointment of many players, Darkrai cannot be traded between players. This nightmarish monster is considered a “Mythical Pokemon,” and this category has always been barred from trading. Since mythics are usually tied to limited-time events, they serve as truly unique awards that belong to the player and the player only.

Darkrai, alongside all other mythicals, cannot be traded. Even if it could be traded, it would cost an extremely hefty amount of Stardust to make it happen. If the trading restriction was lifted, novice players are unlikely to have the amount of stardust required to make the trade happen. The only way to get this monster on a trainer’s side is the same way everyone else has been doing it: facing the nightmare itself with powerful trainers. 

Darkrai is now available to challenge as a raid boss until Oct. 31 at 8 p.m., local time.