Chewtle Evolution, Location, Stats: Pokemon Sword and Shield

Chewtle is one of the many new Galarian Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Game Freak's newest release for the Nintendo Switch console. Is Chewtle worth adding to your team, or should he just sit in the PC box, never to be touched again?

Chewtle Location

Chewtle, a water type Pokemon, can be found mostly in places that border a body of water, both in the grass and via surfing. Chewtle can be caught on Routes 2, 4, 5, Galar Mine no. 2, The Giant's Cap, The Giant's Mirror, Hulbury, Motostoke, Motostoke Outskirts, and Motostoke Riverbank. They are also an opponent in max raid battles.

Chewtle Evolution

Chewtle evolves into Dreadnaw at level 22, a massive turtle with some pretty fierce jaws. Drednaw can also Gigantamax during select gym battles, growing an extra horn and sporting a super bulked up version of its already tough shell. Overall, you should probably keep Chewtle around in your party so it can evolve into Drednaw.

Chewtle Base Stats

Chewtle's base stats are nothing to write home about, but it's probably a good idea to keep one around to evolve into the bulky powerhouse that is Drednaw.

Base Stats
HP: 50
Attack: 64
Defense: 50
Special Attack: 38
Special Defense: 38
Speed: 44
Total Base Stats: 284

Image Courtesy Game Freak