Chien-Pao Evolution, Stats, Location: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Across the Paleda region, players will start to notice these colored ominous stakes. Collecting eight of one color will unlock access to a color-coordinated shrine. In one of these four shrines, players can catch a new legendary Pokémon. One of them is Chien-Pao and here is everything players need to know before they set out to catch it.

Chien-Pao Evolution

Chien-Pao is a Dark and Ice-type legendary Pokémon. There are no other Pokémon it can evolve to or from. It is weak to Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel types. If you want to catch be sure to not beat it quickly by exploiting those weaknesses.

Chien-Pao Location

After you find all eight yellow ominous stakes across Paldea, players can open the Icerend Shrine. The entrance to the shrine is located up a cliff in the western parts of West Province Area One. When searching across Paldea for all the ominous stakes it is recommended that players have all the traversal abilities unlocked for Koraidon or Miraidon. That way they are capable of reaching any location in the game.

Chien-Pao Stats

  • Health Points - 80
  • Attack - 130
  • Defense - 80
  • Special Attack - 90
  • Special Defense - 65
  • Speed - 135

Base Moves

  • Spite - Ghost-type
  • Powder Snow - Ice-type
  • Mean Look - Normal-type

One of the nice things about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is that its open-world and nonlinear gameplay lets players create their own unique Pokémon experiences. That means they can either hunt down legendary Pokémon like Chien-Pao or seek out Team Star. They could even ignore all those tasks and just go for the Gym leaders.