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Classic Apex Legends Skins Set to Return in Season 10 According to Leaks

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Some classic Apex Legends skins are set to be unvaulted in Season 10, according to a recent leak.

Cosmetics are a sought after commodity in the Apex community, and new releases are always highly anticipated amongst fans. There are some particular skins which haven't seen the light of day in quite some time, but could be set to return sometime this season.

Known Apex leaker and self-described "skin prophet," Shrugtal, has revealed that some classic Apex Legends skins will be made available to purchase during Season 10: Emergence. Some of these skins were previously released as Collection Event skins, which haven't been available since. Others might require possession of other skins in order to be purchased.

Here's the list of all classic Apex Legends skins which are reportedly coming to Season 10: Emergence:

Caustic – Necrosis

Caustic's Necrosis skin will become available in the next patch, according to Shrugtal. It was originally released in the System Override event back in 2020, and features striking, metallic plating colored in green and gray.

Which Classic Apex Legends Skins Are Coming to Season 10?

Crypto – Whitelisted

Crypto's Whitelisted skin was also from the System Override event in 2020. It features a very Cyberpunk-looking Crypto, and definitely more machine than man.

Bloodhound – The Centurion (Iron Crown)

The Centurion skin for Bloodhound was part of the Iron Crown event and hasn't been seen since August 2019. This skin sees Bloodhound in an all-gold armor set, reminiscent of historical Roman centurions.

Bloodhound – Great Winter

Another Bloodhound skin, and this time it's Great Winter. This skin was last seen back in March 2019 and will require the Imperial Warrior skin. It features Bloodhound dressed in white in armor similar to that of a samurai.

Wraith – Flashpoint

This Flashpoint skin for Wraith will require the Vengeance Seeker skin in order to be purchasable. Wraith can be seen here with an icy-blond buzzcut, with a white to blue gradient suit wrapped in belts.

Mirage – Dark Artist

Mirage's Dark Artist skin will require the Ghost Machine skin in order to be purchasable. The skin is a largely gray, metallic suit with orange adornments on the arms and headpiece.

These are all of the classic character skins set to return to Apex Legends Season 10. Keep in mind that this information comes from a leak, so there's no guarantee that Respawn will definitely follow through with their release.