Cold War and Warzone 'The Haunting' Halloween Event Roadmap Revealed

We've explained the full breadth of content showcased in the Call of Duty (COD): Warzone "The Haunting" Halloween event roadmap.
We've explained the full breadth of content showcased in the Call of Duty (COD): Warzone "The Haunting" Halloween event roadmap. / Activision, Raven Software

We've explained the full breadth of content showcased in the Call of Duty (COD): Warzone "The Haunting" Halloween event roadmap.

The annual Haunting of Verdansk is well underway this year in COD: Warzone. Players of the flagship battle royale will be able to experience ghastly frights, aggressive combat, and otherworldly opponents as they fight their way through lobbies during the back half of October. Thankfully, they won't be completely in the dark. Raven Software has provided a full roadmap graphic to help ground their fans in upcoming content.

COD: Warzone 'The Haunting' Halloween Event Roadmap

As the roadmap image has done, we will also be sorting each major piece of information into its own heading.


Warzone players will be able to play a brand new limited-time mode: the Ghosts of Verdansk. According to the patch notes, a familiar voice will help guide squads through their missions. However, whether he is actually looking out for their best interest is debatable at best.

Eliminated operators won't have to worry about the Gulag as they'll simply be made into ghosts, instead. Ghosts are entirely unarmed save for a few key abilities to help them wreak havoc and shake up a lobby. However, any ghost that manages to kill three operators and harvest their souls will be able to respawn back into their mortal form once again.


The game's beloved Zombie mode will be seeing some Halloween-themed updates including cosmetic pumpkin heads, "Scare" Packages, and more. Those looking for a real challenge can try their hand at surviving the Hallows' Eve Outbreak and testing their mettle against the horrific world boss, Orda.

Those looking to participate in the Zombies challenge mode "You’ll Never Get Out Alive" will need to be an elite Requiem agent to qualify. Those who make it all the way through will receive a Legendary Weapon Charm and a mountain of XP.


A fully decked-out Nuketown map is now available for those looking to explore a location with some real Halloween spirit. The map is, of course, still a 6v6. Those who decide to drop in can also take part in the Nuketown Halloween Prop Hunt mode.

Additionally, two other modes have appeared: Scream's Deathmatch featuring Ghostface and "Infected"—a lighter undead romp pitting a zombie team against a mortal one.

Scream Deathmatch has two players done the Ghostface mask and go about taking down Survivors. These unfortunate players have no weapons and will essentially have to engage in a frightful game of hide-and-seek until the end of the match.

Infected places a team of undead against a team of the living. The undead players have the goal of infecting living players and turning them against their teammates. Living players need to eliminate all the undead. Once one team achieves their goal, the match is over.

Cosmetics, Weapons, Operators, and More

Players can pick from a set of Haunting-themed bundles in the COD store, including Scream, Donnie Darko, Ghost of War, Necro Queen, and Disciple of Mayhem.

A new collection of weapons is heading to Warzone with this event. Players can earn the LAPA SMG by participating in the event alongside the Hammer and Sickle melee weapons as part of the current in-season rewards.

These are just the highlights of a litany of listings players can explore and potentially add to their own personal artillery during the event.

The Haunting will come to a close on Nov. 2.