HenryG Responds to Misconduct Allegations From Ex-Girlfriend Kelly Jean

Henry "HenryG" Greer was accused of emotional, sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend.
Henry "HenryG" Greer was accused of emotional, sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend. / Photo by DreamHack/Adela Sznadjer

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator Henry "HenryG" Greer responded to allegations of sexual misconduct and emotional abuse posted to Twitter on Monday by Kelly Jean, his ex-girlfriend.

Jean issued a statement on Twitter saying, "My ex Henry 'HenryG' Greer, was verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive and had sex with me when I did not and could not consent." Her statement alleged an event in which the two were together and there was a non-consensual sexual interaction on New Year's Eve. She also went into length about her relationship with the CS:GO commentator.

Warning: the following tweet contains details depicting alleged emotional and sexual abuse. The statements are issued pertaining to the timetable of release.

"Henry weaponized what I felt most sensitive/insecure/painful of, as a way to hurt me when he was angry. These things never had anything to do with an initial argument, if there really was one as opposed to him just being in a bad mood. Calling me crazy became a common theme to whenever I was reactive towards things he would do, especially lying," Jean said in her statement.

Jean's full statement can be read here.

Greer posted a tweet on June 23 containing a Google document with his response to the allegations.

"I want to address recent allegations made by my ex-girlfriend, Kelly Jean. Kelly and I were in a long-term relationship for nearly two years, which was emotionally charged and, we both later realised, toxic and destructive. While I deeply regret things I said during our relationship, I have never sexually or physically abused Kelly or anyone else. I cannot speak for her, but I must be clear that her description of the events of New Year's Eve are simply not accurate or true," Greer said in the opening of the response.

Greer's full response can be read here.

Both Jean and Greer's statements comes in the wake of multiple streamers and content creators being accused of misconduct. Tom "Syndicate" Cassell was accused of sexual abuse by two women. Destiny streamer SayNoToRage and content creator ActaBunniFooFoo issued apologies following separate accusations against each of them.