CS:GO Quickswitch Bind: How to Set Up the keybind

CS:GO quickswitch binds are a great way to get a shortcut to a mechanically confusing aspect of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, especially to newer players. Switching to your knife is a routine part of playing CS:GO, so why not make it easier? Whether you are AWPing and need to get that extra movement speed between shots, are trying to quick throw grenades, or just need an easier way to get your knife out as you move through the map, a quickswitch bind is extremely convenient to have.

Here is how to set up the quickswitch keybind:

CSGO Quickswitch Bind: How to Set Up the keybind

In order to make a quickswitch bind, simply open up a .txt file and input the following lines:

  • alias +switch "slot3"
  • alias -switch "lastinv"
  • bind <insertkeyhere> "+switch"

Name the file something like quickswitch.txt or quick.txt. Change the file extension from .txt to .cfg, and then place it in the cfg folder in your SteamApps CS:GO folder. This can be easily accessed by right-clicking on CS:GO on Steam, clicking Properties, going to the Local Files tab, and then clicking on Browse Local Files. From there, go from Counter-Strike Global Offensive -> csgo -> cfg.

When you launch Counter-Strike, simply open up the developer console (if you don't have it enabled, you can find it in the Games Option menu and then press "~") and type exec quickswitch or whatever you named the .cfg file. You can also put the bind in your autoexec file if you already have one.

This version of the quickswitch bind lets you hold down your assigned button to have your knife out, and once you release the button, you go back to the last weapon you had out.

Photo Courtesy of Valve