Dead by Daylight's Updated Rank Reset and Rewards

Dead by Daylight's killer and survivor ranks are reset on the 13th of every month.
Dead by Daylight's killer and survivor ranks are reset on the 13th of every month. / courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Whether you're just entering the fog or are hunting for answers as a seasoned killer, here's the rub on the new updates to Dead by Daylight's rank reset and rewards system.

Following the release of Patch 5.2.0, the asymmetrical horror game's 20-tier ranking system was abandoned in lieu of a new grading system to complement the adoption of Skill Based Matchmaking.
The goal of the patch was to achieve a better balance between survivor and killer players based on their performance in a given rank cycle, and to match survivors with similarly ranked teammates.

This update also introduced pips, which are earned to advance progression toward new emblems and buffer players from ranking down after subpar matches. You can see your pip progression below your current rank in your survivor or killer lobby screen.

Beginning on the 13th of each month, players embark on a grind to earn pips through strong performance in matches, propelling their way from ash to iridescent ranks before the system resets. Players are then rewarded with a pool of bloodpoints to spend in character upgrade bloodwebs, the amount being dependent on their emblem color and rank when it resets again on the 13th.

The colored emblems, which range from ash, bronze, silver, gold, and finally iridescent, each hold four grades, beginning at IV and ending with grade I. When you begin each cycle at ash IV, you will earn pips to progress to ash III, then ash II, and so on.

Dead by Daylight Rank Reset Rewards

For each tier in the progression reached by the end of the monthly rank cycle, there is an increased reward that will be paid out when rank resets happen on the 13th of each month. There are now also separate ranks and rewards associated with survivor and killer tracks each month.

But what exactly are the payouts for each tier in the new progression system? See the full rank and bloodpoint equivalencies below:

  • Ash IV - 10,000
  • Ash III - 20,000
  • Ash II - 35,000
  • Ash I - 50,000
  • Bronze IV - 100,000
  • Bronze III - 125,000
  • Bronze II - 150,000
  • Bronze I - 175,000
  • Silver IV - 250,000
  • Silver III - 280,000
  • Silver II - 310,000
  • Silver I - 340,000
  • Gold IV - 400,000
  • Gold III - 450,000
  • Gold II - 500,000
  • Gold I - 550,000
  • Iridescent IV - 700,000
  • Iridescent III - 800,000
  • Iridescent II - 900,000
  • Iridescent I - 1,000,000