Deadpool Bundle Marvel Snap Details, Price, Contents

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More bundles are coming to Marvel Snap's Quantumania season. Releasing soon is a bundle featuring Marvel's favorite "merc with a mouth," Deadpool. Here's how you can get your hands on this bundle and what it entails.

Marvel Snap is the Marvel Universe digital collectible card game that's exploded in popularity since it launched in the middle of last year. Its quick matches, recognizable characters and addictive gameplay have given it staying power among the dozens of digital card games released in recent years.

Deadpool Bundle Marvel Snap Details

As cataloged by Marvel Snap Zone, the Deadpool "Birthpool" Bundle is coming to Marvel Snap on Feb. 21. The bundle is being released to celebrate Deadpool's first appearance in Marvel comics. It's one of four bundles being released for the Season, along with the Positively Charged Bundle.

Deadpool Bundle Marvel Snap Price

The Birthpool Bundle will cost 3,200 Gold, or about $45 worth of Gold using the in-game purchases.

Deadpool Bundle Marvel Snap Contents

As with other Bundles, the Birthpool Bundles comes with a unique Title, Variant and Avatar. It also comes with 291 Deadpool Boosters,1,500 Collector's Tokens and 3,200 Credits.

That's everything you need to know about Marvel Snap's Deadpool Bundle. Also be on the lookout for more seasonal Bundles, as well as ways to upgrade cards and acquire new Variants, including those obtained through the Deadpool Bundle.