Dean Henderson FIFA 20: Should You Get the TOTSSF Goalkeeper?

Premier League TOTSSF Dean Henderson out now
Premier League TOTSSF Dean Henderson out now / Photo courtesy of Sheffield United

Dean Henderson FIFA 20 Team of the Season So Far card released as part of the Premier League TOTSSF squad.

The FIFA 20 Premier League Team of the Season So Far has been released since May 1 with the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Virgil Van Dijk and Sadio Mane, but recently promoted Sheffield United has stunned the English Premier League and sits in seventh place.

Dean Henderson has been the standout for his team, and the loaned out Manchester United player has impressed with 10 clean sheets to his name this season. The goalkeeper is one of the better players in his position this year in the league.

Dean Henderson FIFA 20: Should You Get the TOTSSF Goalkeeper?

At a strong 88 rating, Henderson has overall solid stats with a strong 63 speed and a minimum 86 for the rest of his stats. With an impressive 89 in reflexes, Henderson is a top player for any team. He isn't as strong as TOTSSF Alisson Becker but is better than gold Bernd Leno or Kepa Arrizabalaga.


He might have 63 speed and high 80 stats in goalkeeping, but his two-star weak foot is below par for any possession or playing out of the back teams. If you are looking for a player to stand in-between the sticks or come out for corners, Henderson can be your man, but that weak foot may cause trouble.


On average, Henderson costs 36,000 coins on Xbox One and 33,000 on PlayStation 4. Also at or near his cost, you could get either one of these rare gold GKs, Alisson (89), David De Gea (89), Ederson (88) and even TOTWM Kasper Schemeichel (86) and Community TOTTSF Leno (88). All of these alternatives cost around the same or a bit more than TOTSSF Henderson but have three (3) star weak foot, and similar or better stats.


If you're a collector or leisurely player wanting to make a colorful team or club, get this player. For beginners, he isn't worth the cost as a full-chemistry Kepa with Wall can produce similar stats.

For competitive or growing teams, Henderson is a wonderful addition as a low price and easy to link option. A Basic chemistry style will turn him into a monster with the likes of pacey Joe Gomez, Van Dijk or Laporte in-front of him. If not, Ederson (88) is a great alternative at a slightly cheaper cost.