Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap Explained

Courtesy of Ghost Ship Games
Courtesy of Ghost Ship Games /

As Deep Rock Galactic crosses its third year of full release, the development team at Ghost Ship Games has put together a roadmap entailing what the future of the game may look like. As they have put out updates 33 and 34 this year, we see a bit into the plans of the future through their roadmap.

Deep Rock Galactic Roadmap

Ghost Ship stated that update 34 will end up being quite small in comparison to other updates for the game. It launched the long-awaited mod support on steam that the player base has been waiting for, along with balancing on weapons and overclocks. This update will also include the ability to rebind controller inputs for players on console.

The reason update 34 is so small is to allow for more time to work on the enormous update 35, which Ghost Ship states, "...Update 35, will be huge - maybe our biggest update ever." This update plans to do a lot of adding, including weapons and cosmetics, as well as new overclocks. Most interesting, however, is the addition of a new mission type. They explain this new mission type as both challenging and lucrative, and players can only begin to imagine what that might mean. It will be interesting to see if this new mode is more challenging than the Haunted Caves modifier, which is currently regarded as one of the most difficult to complete challenges in Deep Rock Galactic. This update will launch in Q3 of 2021, having given them a full 6 months to work on it. It can be expected that this coming update will change a lot about the meta of Deep Rock Galactic as well as add quite a lot of new content to explore for players and their dwarven friends.

Ghost Ship will continue to bring out updates every few months for this game that has launched the studio into popularity with now over 2 Million players. They have said they have no plans to move on from the game in the coming years, and it makes sense why they wouldn't. This game has become very popular in its community and will only continue to get more popular as the company was recently acquired by Embracer Group, who will only continue to help grow the game and its community more.