DeKay Mailbag Part 2: What to Expect from MIBR, FLASHPOINT, and When LANs Might Return

Photo courtesy of StarLadder

This is Part 2 of DeKay's monthly mailbag series. DeKay responses are from questions sent via Twitter regarding topics in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Read Part 1 here.

There have been a few rumors here and there but nothing legitimate so far. LAN events are already so expensive that I would be shocked if we had one with all of the extra precautions. It would be that much more expensive. The only way I see one happening is if Valve decides to do it for the Major, but I’m not holding my breath.

I wish I had news but I just haven’t heard anything about him. The Swedish scene is normally pretty quiet when it comes to rumors so it’s totally possible he has something in the works. I always thought he would close out his career playing on a Swedish roster once again, but who knows.

It’s really hard to predict how things might look and when we could possibly return to normal. The sooner a LAN happens, the more expensive it will be to try to hold it in a contained NBA-like environment. I just don’t see any tournament organizers interested in spending the extra money to make that happen. Beyond that, the global scale of professional CS:GO means that some players will have a difficult time traveling to certain countries for a while.

When we do have another LAN, I do expect social distancing and masks to remain a requirement at every point except while players are sitting at their PC.

I don’t have the privilege of knowing their financial situation and how much the brand brings to their checkbook, but I imagine it would be a heavy hit. However, that could be wrong and their poor performance this year might have fans not even interested in supporting them. If that is true, cutting them would save money but that’s probably not a possible option with their contracts.

He won’t be on the Mousesports bench for long; let’s just say that.

FPX has considered a multitude of options, but that is the only organization I’ve heard of who is considering a “return.” It’s a rough period at the moment, there is still so much that has to settle around the world from an economic perspective.

Your guess is as good as mine. I’m of the belief that almost everyone returns at some point, but every player is different.

They hope to put the tournament on LAN, but it's not finalized yet. There are a lot of logistical hurdles that need to be cleared, but they're trying. I do believe ESL Pro League teams will have a chance to qualify due to the way the dates are planned. It should spice things up a bit with a bunch of new teams.

I really don’t see many organizations willing to fork out for an entire roster right now, outside of FPX. Heroic would be a good buy for anyone else that might be interested, but buying on online performances only would be a huge risk.

Yes, coaches have been allowed to talk this entire time. This is something I consistently mention in my In-Depth series on the DBLTAP Youtube Channel. It has helped everyone at varying degrees, but I would say it has helped those who weren’t among the top in-game leaders previously. There is no way to know for certain, but I imagine it has helped most of the teams you see near the top of the rankings.

No news on my end, I really haven’t heard anything about him.

Both of those teams didn’t fade quickly at all. They both had their periods of dominance only to slowly lose it over a year or two. I can only assume that it is a result of the meta passing them by and being too rigid in their approach. I don’t really buy into the age part, that is very minor and wasn’t a significant contributing factor in my opinion.

They say they don’t plan to change, I just don’t see how they can continue with this core though. I expect a change soon, whether they think they’ll make one or not.

In a perfect world, I really like the move. However, the world isn’t perfect and kjaerbye has shown he struggles if he isn’t comfortable with where he plays. It might work during this online period, I just don’t see this roster as a long term solution. Hopefully I’m wrong.

No not really. Majors are just one small piece of the pie right now, they aren’t as prestigious as they once were. Gaming is all very much in the same position, so it’s not like other games will have their biggest tournaments on LAN anytime soon either.