DeKay Mailbag Part 1: Options for Complexity, C9 Rumors, and ESL Schedule Implications

Who are the best options for Complexity's CS:GO team?
Who are the best options for Complexity's CS:GO team? / Photo courtesy of StarLadder

This is Part 1 of DeKay's monthly mailbag series where he answers questions regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sent in on Twitter.

I won't pretend I'm an calendar expert, but I can relay a couple things. Overall, I do feel the calendar is a positive for those who are playing under an ESL organization. In that vacuum, less travel and more break time is definitely helpful for professional players.

However, in the process of doing this they are essentially stamping out more of the calendar that other TOs won't be able to use, under the guise of helping players. The announcement made it clear to me ESL have every intention on becoming the sole tournament organizer for CS:GO. They do not care to play fair.

So as someone who believes fair competition breeds excellence, I don't like it. Calendar control allows for manipulation and complacency. Just because their business model is bad doesn't mean everyone else should suffer as a result.

He doesn't strike me as someone that would do that. I'm sure this period has been tough for him as well, but we are talking about an actual experienced adult who has won a Major. He can handle anything the world throws at him. Therefore, I don't expect it.

I used to want Fallen on the roster, but with NiKo there too. Now, I'm not so sure what I would want. I want to see these players with an experienced in-game leader but there aren't really many of those available. There is no great answer right now, from my perspective.

From what I've been told, that could be an option if the guys coL has higher on their list don't end up joining. Money isn't the issue for them, so it comes down to finding someone interested really. So while it's possible sjuush could join, I don't find it likely.

I could see it happening, but I'm not close enough to the situation to know just how likely or unlikely something like that would be. Just about every player would have interest, so that's what makes it interesting.

Now that the first wave of coaches have been announced, the list is not as bad as it could have been. Obviously I'll need to wait until the investigation finishes to know for sure though. Change mostly hinges on what Valve decides to do with coaches and what they can do. If they move forward with my personal prediction and remove coaching from online play, I think you will see even more volatility. More upsets and more let downs from good teams in qualifiers.

Several rumors floating around right now. That is definitely a possibility but one that would take every last dollar to make happen. 100 Thieves players have very high buyouts, but they have also received several offers that are close to max value for multiple players, from what I know. I'd be shocked if 100 Thieves still have the same roster in a few weeks time.

This is a rumor I never heard and at the time of him mentioning that, I had people I trust near Evil Geniuses reach out to me asking why he would have said it. I can't tell you what the truth is, only that I never heard it and that I've been told it was never considered. Spunj wouldn't say something like that if he didn't have good reason, so it's definitely possible he knows something I don't.

Funny that you asked this like four were confirmed at the time. Now that I've reported the fourth, they have just one more player to add. Yes, I have an idea on who it could be and have been kept in the loop for just about everything that has been announced thus far.

The fifth player hasn't been finalized but the few options considered are exciting, I can say that.

I haven't heard anything new since the days leading up to when it was reported. Everything takes ages when negotiating with FaZe Clan, they work extremely slow. I think the likelihood of it happening is a toss-up at this point.

I am someone who has expressed that sentiment several times at this point. The one caveat is, if a team is dealing with an issue that offline play wouldn't resolve then making a change is understandable. Personal character issues and attitudes will only get worse outside of a comfortable environment, so it's understandable that some changes still happen.

I bring it up often because there are still too many fans in this day and age that equate online and offline play. The two really could not be any different.

With how young he is, I don't see him wanting to hang around on a bench long. It really comes down to how motivated coL are to get him to a new home. If they want top dollar, I think many North American organizations would feel hesitant to spend that kind of coin right now. However, if they make it reasonable, I could see him on a new roster soon. I think it hinges on that more than anything.

I mean, who is even willing to spend cash outside of Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Gen.G? The options are pretty limited right now and Gen.G need a new leader more than anything else in my opinion.

I imagine all options are on the table, however I think they will aim for some youth or talent that have recently proven themselves. Sweden doesn't have a ton of that available unless they spend a ton of money. FNATIC don't want to let anyone go, so that's not an option either. NiP likely don't care to do business with fifflaren, so that really reduces their options. I'm going to bet they go international.