DeKay Mailbag Part 3: The Karrigan Situation, KRIMZ, and Astralis Contracts


Welcome to Part 3 of Jarek "DeKay" Lewis' monthly mailbag series. Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Essentially, teams can offer far more than Mousesports is willing to offer to keep him. It's not that Mousesports can't break the bank, but that's just not their philosophy. You have never seen them paying up big, they are typically the ones that sell big. Given how badly teams need a great in-game leader, there will be multiple parties bidding for him.

FaZe Clan is a familiar place with teammates he really enjoyed playing with, like Rain. So while it's not guaranteed he goes anywhere, FaZe is just a likely landing spot.

VINI could also be replaced if they were going to make a second move. I haven't heard nearly as much on that front, but I was told it was considered at one point. The only name I heard was Xeppaa but it was more of a thought than actual reality.

FPX have repeatedly said that they want a top team, despite passing on chances to get them when they could. If their expectations meet their willingness to spend, then I would say that's a great option for them. As for Guild, they have Thorin consulting for them on that front and I don't think Chaos would necessarily be their first option.

Yes, but it's honestly not surprising. They were under a tremendous amount of pressure and from what I heard were not putting in the effort required to play at a high level. People heavily overvalue past accomplishments when analyzing teams or even when building them. The previous lineup was very bad, worse than anyone realized I think.

The new one is playing without pressure and without information for other teams to counter right now. This is a honeymoon period and it will take a ton of work for them to keep this level of play up, but I think they should try.

I don't have any information there just yet, it's looking like a majority of movement will come after the new year for most teams. If Envy wants to back that statement up they need to start from near scratch if they want to become competitive. I'm going to assume they've been given a certain amount of time to make things happen or that's the route they take.

Last I heard they were actively searching for a good 4th and 5th player to add to their core. They want to make sure it's a great fit before getting going and there aren't many options just yet.

Yes, it did happen. It's on his main account. However, I and many others believe it was related to Esportal and will be reverted.

There are too many good Brazilian players for there not to be one solid full Brazilian lineup. FURIA is a team that I feel shouldn't go international but it's looking like they might. They know more than I do about what is best for them, so we will see how things play out. We just haven't seen it work well when it was tried in the past.

As far as I know, there haven't been many offers for the teams as a whole. I hope that changes though.

The only thing I can say about Operations is that you can't really predict them as well as people think you can. No one really has an inside scoop on what Valve does, no matter how much they want you to believe they do. That's just reality.

Jamppi did exactly what you would have to do to have the best chance, in my opinion. Even then, I don't think it will be enough. Valve is unbelievably ruthless with their system and doesn't even consider the context when it comes to professional players. It's frustrating, especially considering Valve has now admitted that they know Jamppi didn't have access to his account when it was banned.

There isn't much anyone can do honestly and I hate it.

It is possible, but it wouldn't be until about a year from now. The only other way would be for part or all of them to get transferred. I had a giant story about this that would have really opened people's eyes about what Astralis has done within the past year to their players, but unfortunately, the story was pulled by the main source at the last moment. Hopefully, one day I'll get to publish it.