Diablo 4 Open Beta End Time

Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV fans will soon be able to get their hands on the Open Beta for the much-anticipated ARPG from Blizzard. The company is running an Open Beta this weekend that all players on PC and consoles can opt into, allowing them to play the game early and even earn exclusive permanent rewards. The Beta runs for a limited time, however.

Diablo IV casts players as adventurers in the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary, tasked with fighting against the demoness Lilith and the forces of Hell. The game takes place decades after the previous game, and features an all-new story.

Diablo 4 Open Beta End Time

The Diablo IV Open Beta begins on Mar. 24 and runs until Mar. 26. More specifically, the Beta ends on March 26 at 12 p.m. PDT, according to Blizzard. Players should convert that time to their local time zone to have an accurate picture of how long they will have to enjoy the Open Beta.

Through the course of the Open Beta players will be able to level their character up to Level 25, and can experience the story up until the end of Act I. Players can also enjoy the Beta with friends by activating couch co-op on consoles or by playing online via the Battle.net client.