Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature and Nurture Quest Guide


Disney Dreamlight Valley has a number of tough quests to complete to unlock collectibles and characters, like the Nature and Nurture quests.

Now that Scar is officially in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Nature and Nurture quest has been added to help the famous character in the game. Luckily this guide will help you complete everything you need.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature and Nurture Quest Guide

Now, it is important to mention that the only way to complete this quest is if you have already done Ursula and Mother Gothel's quests. The game is releasing popular villains one at a time, and you need to have completed these two before you can work on Scar's quests. The Nature and Nurture Quest has a lot to complete, with each part building on the last. Everything below will need to be done in order, so let's dive in.

1. Investigate the Giant Skull in the Elephant Graveyard of the Sunlit Plateau
Players will simply have to go near and interact with the Giant Skull within the Sunlit Plateau. This was added in the Scar update. Once you interact with the skull you will meet Scar and the next challenge will be activated.

2. Enter the Vitals Mines at the mouth of the river in the Sunlit Plateau.
Players will need to enter the Vitals Mines, but bring plenty of food and materials with you as you will have a lot of work to do and won't want to have to travel back for food to keep your energy up.

3. Search the mine for a blockage.
Searching the mine may take some time, but there is a blockage at the end of the mine with a barrel and a sign. The sign will tell you to make some candies and root beer.

4. Search the mining camp.
After you find the blockage the game will now let you go back to the mining camp and search for some cooking suppies to make the candies and root beer. The ingredients should be in a green chest in the mining camp.

5. Talk to Merlin
Once you have the materials, you will be prompted to speak with Merlin. There are a few more times you are going to have to speak with him, so make sure to ask him to hang out at this time so he is with you while in the mine. Merlin will let you know that you can make an explosion with the root beer and candy to help clear the blockage.

6. Make the Extra Fizzy Root Beer.
To make the extra fizzy root beer, you will need dried ginger, vanilla and sugarcane, then go back into the tunnel.

7. Add the root bear and candy to the barrel.
Once you have added the root bear and candy into the barrel you will return to the Sunlit Plateau where dark portal has formed that you will have to walk through.

8. Follow the forgotten through the dark portal.
Following the forgotten through the dark portal will take you to a dark realm that will make you travel across the area in search of the forgotten. However they won't be there anymore instead you will find the orb of nurting left behind.

9. Pick up the orb of nurting.
As you enter the forgotten, make sure you have a spot in your inventory for the orb, pick it up and leave the dark portal coming back to the main world, where you will need to talk to Merlin again.

10. Talk to Merlin.
Merlin will tell you what your next steps are unlocking the next part of the challenge.

11. Craft the miracle growth Elixir.
Next up, you will have to craft the miracle growth Elixir. To do this you will need 1000 Dreamlight, 10 Vitalys Crystals and 10 Rich Soil. Once the orb is ready add it to your watering can and talk to Merlin again.

12 Plan and tend to the Orb.
Merlin will have you plan the orb right i front of the Sunlit Plateau's Pillar. Once you are near just dig a hole in front of hte pillar and plant the orb. You will have to water and tend to it. Using the grewoth elixir already crafted you can make the orb grow faster. When the orb is finished growing, you can visit it which will end the challenge.

13. Talk to Scar.
Once the orb has finished growing and you have visited it, you can now talk to scare to complete the quest.

Congratulations on finishing up the quest! Now go enjoy some time with Scar and maybe make a Banana Pie while you are at it.