Do Gems Get Destroyed When Replaced in New World?

New World
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Do gems get destroyed when replaced in New World?

Gems are a means of customizing and improving equipment in New World. The process of finding gems is largely dependent on luck. Gems are dropped randomly when mining other materials such as gold, platinum or orichalcum. The two material deposits that have the highest chance of dropping gems are iron and silver.

There are ways to increase the odds of finding gems while mining. Eating food that has potatoes in it will increase a players mining luck, but alternatively players can where the Miner's Charm for a similar effect.

Do Gems Get Destroyed when Replaced in New World?

Players need to be careful how their gems are used in New World because they cannot be removed and reused after they have been fitted into a weapon or armor. Removing a gem from a piece of equipment will destroy the gem.

There are several possible effects of fitting a cut gemstone into a socket on a player's equipment. Some gems give weapons an elemental effect or can increase a player's resistance to that element while others provide extra perks and taunts.