Does Dead by Daylight Have Voice Chat?

Courtesy of Behaviour

Players looking to get into Dead by Daylight might be wondering whether the hit survival multiplayer game has voice chat. Unfortunately, Dead by Daylight does not feature in-game voice chat.

The popular horror multiplayer game was originally released in 2016 and has received continuous updates since its launch that has kept a large player base over time. Only just this year, Behaviour, the developers behind Dead by Daylight, held its 6th Anniversary Broadcast where they launched brand-new cosmetics and player rewards.

Does Dead by Daylight Have Voice Chat?

Despite survivors teaming up to outlast the killers looking to hunt them down, Dead by Daylight does not feature any built-in voice chat system. Players that want to be able to chat with their teammates will need to use a third-party voice chat system such as Discord if they want to be able to communicate.

While it is unfortunate that Dead by Daylight doesn't feature an in-game voice chat, it does also help immerse players in the horror atmosphere of being a survivor attempting to run away from a serial killer. Still, having an opt-out voice chat system that could allow players to connect could add to the atmosphere of being stranded with just a few people, especially if the killer was able to hear your comms.