Dead by Daylight 6.1.0 Update: Patch Notes Detailed

Here's a breakdown of the Mid-Chapter 6.1.0 patch notes for Dead by Daylight.
Here's a breakdown of the Mid-Chapter 6.1.0 patch notes for Dead by Daylight. / Image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

The Mid-Chapter 6.1.0 patch for Dead by Daylight was released Tuesday, bringing with it significant updates initially revealed during Behavior Interactive's 6th Anniversary Broadcast.

From the Progression System update to the Perk Overhaul, here's a breakdown of the Mid-Chapter 6.1.0 patch notes for Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight 6.1.0 Patch Notes: Gameplay, Perks, Progression


  • "Tome 12: DISCORDANCE" of The Archives (starts July 20th 11AM ET) 
  •  Added five maze tiles to the pool in the McMillan Estate map 


  • Generators take 90 seconds for a single survivor to repair (was 80 seconds) 
  • Killers kicking a generator now immediately cause a 2.5% loss of progress in addition to starting regression 
  • Bloodlust trigger times have been reduced to 15 seconds for Tier 1, 25 seconds for Tier 2, and 35 seconds for Tier 3 (was 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds)
  • The following Killer actions have been sped up by 10%: Cooldown time after a successful hit has been reduced to 2.7 seconds (was 3 seconds) / Time to kick a generator has been reduced to 1.8 seconds (was 2 seconds) / Time to kick a pallet or wall has been reduced to 2.34 seconds (was 2.6 seconds)
  • Duration of the Survivor speed boost when hit has been reduced to 1.8 seconds (was 2 seconds) 
  • Survivors now have a modified version of Borrowed Time as a baseline ability, no perk required: Unhooked Survivors now get a 7% movement speed bonus and Endurance for 5 seconds / The speed bonus and Endurance effect are removed if the Survivor performs a Conspicuous Action
  • Endurance status effect is now canceled by Conspicuous Actions
  • Endurance does not prevent a Survivor from entering the dying state if they are inflicted with Deep Wound

Killer Perks

Barbecue and Chili

  • Removed Bloodpoint bonus

Corrupt Intervention

  • Added: Corrupt Intervention deactivates when any Survivor enters the dying state.
  • Note: The perk still deactivates after 2 minutes if no Survivor has entered the dying state.


  • Added: Healing Skill Checks move 50% faster for Survivors under the effect of this perk.

Dark Devotion

  • Now triggers when a Survivor loses a health state by any means (was just basic attacks)


  • Increased Generator reduction when a Survivor enters the dying state to 10% (was 6%)
  • Increased duration of Incapacitated status effect to 15/20/25 seconds (was 12/14/16 seconds)

Hex: No One Escapes Death

  • Added: Once the Hex's effect is revealed to the Survivors, its Hex Totem's aura is shown to the Survivors at a range of 4 meters. This range increases steadily over the next 30 seconds to 24 meters.

Hex: Ruin

  • Added: Once any Survivor is killed by any means, the Hex: Ruin Totem reverts to a Dull Totem.
  • While a generator is not being repaired by a Survivor, it will immediately and automatically regress repair progress at 50%/75%/100% of the normal regression speed.


  • Removed the cooldown

Knock out

  • Added: Recovery speed is reduced by 25% for Survivors under the effect of this perk.

Lethal Pursuer

  • Added: Any time a Survivor's aura is shown for a period of time, its duration is increased by 2 seconds. 
  • Note: The new effect applies to the duration of the normal Lethal Pursuer effect, which means it effectively reveals survivors for 9/10/11 seconds at the start of the match.  

Monstrous Shrine

  • Reworked: This perk is now Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine
  • Scourge Hooks grant 10/15/20% faster Entity progression if the Killer is not within 24 meters. Basement hooks count as Scourge Hooks.


  • Added: After Overcharge is applied to a generator, its regression speed increases from 75% of normal to 200% of normal over the next 30 seconds.

Pop Goes the Weasel

  • Changed regression to be 20% of current progress (was 25% of total) 
  • Note: This is calculated after the new baseline regression when kicking a generator.  

Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain

  • Increased Healing and Repairing speed penalty to 10/13/16% (was 7/8/9%)  

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

  • Removed scream effect on Survivors repairing the exploding generator, generator will spark to show regression


  • Increased individual penalties for repairing, sabotaging, and Totem cleansing to 4.5/5/5.5% (was 4/4.5/5%)
  • Increased maximum penalty to 18/20/22% (was 16/18/20%)


  • Added: This effect can only be triggered once on each generator. 

Survivor Perks

Borrowed Time

  • Reworked to account for the baseline version of the effect 
  • Survivors you unhook keep their Endurance status effect for an extra 6/8/10 seconds and their movement speed bonus for an extra 10 seconds.

Botany Knowledge

  • Increased healing speed bonus to 30/40/50% (was 11/22/33%) 
  • Changed Medkit efficiency bonus to a -20% efficiency penalty (was +10/20/30%) 

Calm Spirit

  • Increased chance to avoid alerting crows to 100% (was 80/90/100%) 
  •  Added: Allows you to open chests and cleanse/bless totems silently, but at 40/35/30% reduced speed.

Dark Sense

  • Reworked: Each time a generator is completed, Dark Sense activates. While Dark Sense is active, the Killer entering a 24-meter radius around you reveals their aura for 5/7/10 seconds. Once the aura's duration expires, Dark Sense deactivates. 
  • Note: The effect triggers if the Killer is already within 24 meters when the perk is activated.

Dead Hard

  • Removed the dash/dodge element of the perk. 
  • Activating Dead Hard now grants the Survivor Endurance for 0.5 seconds 
  • An animation plays when activated so Killers can see when the perk is used without the Survivor being hit

Decisive Strike

  • Added: The perk and its effects are disabled if the exit gates are powered. 
  • The perk is now disabled when the Survivor performs a Conspicuous Action (Defined earlier in the patch notes under the Gameplay section) 
  • Stun duration is now 3s down from 5s

Déjà Vu

  • Added: Gain a 5% repair speed bonus on the generators revealed by Déjà Vu.


  • Reduced the starting tokens to 3 (was 4)
  • Removed stipulation preventing the perk from activating when in a Killer Trap 
  • Added: Regain a token for each 30 seconds spent inside the Killer's Terror Radius. Distortion may not have more than 3 tokens. 
  • Added: Audio cue when a token is used


  • Removed time limit.

Inner Focus

  • Removed the distance restriction on seeing the Scratch Marks of other Survivors (was 32 meters)

Iron Will

  • Reduced the grunts of pain volume reduction to 25/50/75% (was 50/75/100%) 
  • Added: Does not function while Exhausted. Does not inflict Exhausted.


  • Increased reduction of scratch mark duration to 3/4/5 seconds (was 1/2/3 seconds)
  • Added: Your scratch marks are spaced inconsistently.

Lucky Break

  • Added: For each 1 second spent healing another Survivor, increase Lucky Break'sduration by 1 second. Lucky Break'sduration cannot increase beyond its starting value.

No One Left Behind

  • Now triggers when the Exit Gates are powered (was triggered when an Exit Gate was opened) 
  • Added: When unhooking a Survivor, they gain a 7%movement bonus for 10 seconds.

Off the Record

  • Added: Once you are unhooked or escape from the hook, Off the Record activates for 60/70/80 seconds. 
  • Added: Gain the Endurance status effect. 
  • Added: Off The Record is disabled when the exit gates are powered.


  • Increased repair speed buff to 6/7/8% (was 4/5/6%) 
  • Added: This bonus is doubled if you cleanse an Hex totem.


  • Now guarantees an Emergency Med-Kit in every chest (was just the first chest opened), when injured


  • Scourge Hooks now have a yellow aura when a Survivor is being carried.


  • Reduced the self heal speed to 25/30/35% (was 50%) 
  • Removed Med-Kit efficiency bonus

Sole Survivor

  • Added: When you're the last Survivor alive, gain 75% action speed when repairing generators and 50% action speed while opening an exit gate or the Hatch.

Spine Chill

  • Reworked: Get notified when the Killer is within a 36-meter range. If the Killer is within range and is looking at you with a clear line of sight, your speed while repairing, sabotaging, healing, unhooking, cleansing, blessing, opening exit gates and unlocking is increased by 2%/4%/6%. The effects of Spine Chill linger for 0.5 seconds after the Killer looks away or is out of range. Spine Chill's icon indicates the strength of the Killer's Terror Radius.


  • Added: Grunts of pain while in the dying state have their volume reduced by 75%. 

We're Gonna Live Forever

  • Reworked: When healing another Survivor in the dying state, your healing speed is increased by 100%. Additionally, performing any of the following actions activates this perk's secondary function: Perform a Safe Hook Rescue, Take a hit to protect a Survivor, Rescue a Survivor by stunning the Killer with a pallet, Rescue a Survivor by blinding the Killer with a Flashlight. When this perk's secondary function is active, healing another Survivor out of the dying state grants them Endurance for 6/8/10 seconds and deactivates the secondary function.


  • The Progression and Prestige systems have been reworked 
  • IMPORTANT: No existing perks, items, or cosmetics will be lost if they are already unlocked on a character, even if having them would contradict the rules of the new system. 
  • Global Bloodpoint soft-cap has been raised to 2,000,000 (was 1,000,000) 
  • Bloodpoint Categories maximum raised to 10,000 (was 8,000) 
  • Prestiging no longer removes any items, add-ons, offerings, perks, or perk slots 
  • Teachable Perks have been removed from the Bloodweb 
  • Level 51 in the Bloodweb requires the character to Prestige, costing 20,000 Bloodpoints 
  • Characters can now each be prestiged up to 100 times 
  • Prestiging a character has the following rewards: 
  • Prestige 1: The character's perks are immediately unlocked for use on all other Killers / Survivors at Tier 1 
  • Prestige 2: The character's perks are immediately unlocked for use on all other Killers / Survivors at Tier 2 
  • Prestige 3: The character's perks are immediately unlocked for use on all other Killers / Survivors at Tier 3 
  • Prestige 4-6: Bloodied cosmetic items (when available for the specific character) 
  • Prestige 7-9: Perk Charms for the character's perks 
  • Existing players will have their characters granted prestige levels in the new system based on the following: 
  • +2 additional levels per existing Prestige level 
  • Example: A Prestige 1 character will receive +2 levels, resulting in being Prestige 3 in the new system 
  • If the character has 70 or more Perks unlocked (Counting each tier of a perk separately): +1 level for 70-119 Perks / +2 levels for 120-169 Perks / +3 levels for 170-219 Perks
    / +4 levels for 220-269 Perks / +5 levels for 270-319 Perks / +6 levels for 320+ Perks
  • Prestige 9 is the highest level a character can be when transferring to the new system, even if the above rules say they should be higher
  • Existing unlocked Teachable Perks will immediately grant access to Tier 1 of that Perk on all characters if no other mechanic has already granted access to the Perk
  • Added unique Prestige Crest artwork for each prestige level
  • Characters who are already at Prestige 3 on the old system will unlock a Bloody Prestige Portrait on the character selection screen

For more on the Mid-Chapter update, from Shrine of Secrets to Bug Fixes, feel free to check out the rest of the 6.1.0. patch notes.