Does MLB The Show 23 Have the Pitch Clock?

San Diego Studios

MLB has created a major rule change to help increase their audience and make their game times significantly shorter. The added rule to help with this goal is the introduction of a pitch clock to the game, which makes each at bat flow more quickly.

MLB The Show 23 has added important baseball related events the game, including the Negro Leagues and World Baseball Classic team uniforms/players. So, it would only make sense for the major rule change to also be included in this year's addition of the game.

Will MLB The Show 23 have a pitch clock, and how does it work?

Does MLB The Show 23 Have the Pitch Clock?

MLB The Show 23 will include a pitch clock within the game, which will make the game feel even more realistic and immerse the players. One important fact to note is that the pitch clock will only be utilized for online games, which will help keep games moving quickly and make it easier to deal with players that are not inputting game actions.

MLB The Show 23 is available in stores now, as it was released on Mar. 28. Players can test out the new pitch clock and the various changes around Diamond Dynasty.