Does Rocket League Have Game Chat?

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

On Tuesday night, Sept. 14, Psyonix shocked Rocket League players by announcing the removal on voice chat on all platforms. Part of Rocket League's v2.04 patch notes, the removal of voice chat was a result of its outdated model and "performance issues." Psyonix elaborated on the removal of voice chat, noting they "are on track to bring voice chat back to the game in early 2022."

With a main method for communication removed, some players are left wondering if Rocket League has game chat. After all, players need to communicate with their teammates somehow. Here's what players should know about Rocket League and game chat.

Does Rocket League Have Game Chat?

Yes! Rocket League does indeed have game chat and it is actually used quite frequently in games.

When chatting players have two different options. Players can either send a message via one of the preset quick chat options or type a custom response mid-game.

Rocket League Game Chat Settings
Rocket League game chat allows players to use a range of preset options or type a custom response / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Players can edit their preset quick chat options in the chat tab under settings. This tab is also where they can see how to use their quick chat options. For console players the various quick chat options will be assigned to one of the D-Pad buttons while PC players will assign a keybind.

As for custom responses, console players will bring up this feature using their touch pad. PC players can filter between either team or global channels, the latter sends the message to all players in the lobby. Players should press t to bring up team chat and y for global chat.

Players will be much more reliant on game chat while voice chat is removed for at least the next three months. Players should be sure to familiarize themselves with the quick chat options and practice typing fast so as not to miss a beat in game!