Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest: Where to Find Collectibles

Doom Eternal's Super Gore Nest collectibles are spread all over the level.
Doom Eternal's Super Gore Nest collectibles are spread all over the level. / Courtesy of id Softworks

Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest is the fifth mission in the game and has 23 collectible items across the level that will become available as you continue exploring.

Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest

DOOM Eternal items can be found when you walk near them. You will know when you've found a collectible because a white question mark will appear on the map, and a floating question mark will appear in-game. Super Gore Nest hidden items include three hidden Toys, one hidden Rune, one Cheat Code, one hidden Praetor Suit Point, one hidden Sentinel Battery, one hidden Modbot, and one Album.

Here is where you can find the items:

  • Toy One: Soldier (Shield) - Available after second battle encounter in the middle structure. Land on the ledge and hop up onto the smaller ledge.
  • Toy Two: Revenant - Enter the long tunnel near the RAD Suit. Follow the tunnel until the end to find the toy.
  • Toy Three: Mecha Zombie - Enter large demonic structure in the middle of the battle arena where you found the blue gore key. Use the launch pad to float up to the small ledge.
  • Hidden Rune - Enter the new path after you collect the yellow gore key. Speak to the hologram and use the jump pad. The rune will be in the room where you recieved the yellow key.
  • Cheat Code - Insert the three gore keys in the battle arena and enter the tunnel underneath the main platform. Find the climable wall left of the platform and jump through the cracked wall.
  • Album: DOOM III - After the small jumping puzzle, continue through the damaged building. Look out the window next to the hologram to see the question mark. Time your jump to hit the swing bar and grab the Album.
  • Praetor Suit Point - Look for the breakable wall and grab the 1UP that will lower doors and release an enemy. It will reveal the suit point. It can also be found at the end of the tunnel that was opened by the red gore key.
  • Sentinel Battery - Follow path after getting the RAD Suit past the rotating machinery until you find the Battery hidden behind a gate.
  • Modbot - Found right after the Automap terminal. Activate the skull switch and enter the hallway before the teleporter.

As you progress through these missions, DOOM Eternal will allow you to earn cosmetics for your characters. These collectibles can be used in Multiplayer and in the Single Player Campaign.