Doom Eternal Update: New Features and Anti-Cheat Controversy

Doom Eternal launches a huge update for all platforms, but not all additions are sunshine and rainbows - especially for PC players.
Doom Eternal launches a huge update for all platforms, but not all additions are sunshine and rainbows - especially for PC players. / Photo courtesy of Bethesda

Doom Eternal’s update on May 14 introduced a slew of new features across the latest installment of id Software’s historical FPS series. The update went live across multiple platforms including PC, Stadia, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Alongside new content such as Empowered Demon Foes, a new Echelon ranking system, and anti-cheat measures for multiplayer. 

It was the latter of these new additions that have been met with resistance from the PC community. The included Anti-cheat software comes in the form of Denuvo Anti-cheat - not to be mixed up with the notorious Denuvo Anti-tamper system. The distinction between the new system introduced in the Doom Eternal update is night and day, however the name carries immense weight. Gamers have even gone so far as to post on the Bethesda official forums on why you should remove the game from your PC immediately.

Under the new Denuvo Anti-cheat executable, the client will only run while Doom Eternal is, according to Denuvo. Most recently, Riot Games came under fire for its own implementation of anti-cheat software, although Riot’s program features an always-on model that has angered gamers collectively.

Doom Eternal Update: Empowered Demons

Outside of controversy, the update brings much in the positivity department with new content in the form of Empowered Demons. These new gameplay elements will function as a sort of infestation, having the ability to jump from one player's solo campaign to another’s each time the demon kills the host player. This process will continue - and each time the demon grows stronger - until someone is finally able to bring its reign of terror to an end. A very unique concept that will create some sort of collective strategy between players should they encounter the demon.

Players that successfully defeat an Empowered Demon will receive additional experience, ammo, health, and progress within in-game events. If a player so chooses, they can opt out of the feature all together to alleviate the inevitable stress one must feel facing down one of these monsters.

Doom Eternal Update: Echelon Rank System

Other features new to the update include the Echelon leveling system. Once a player reaches level 250, they unlock their first Echelon - an insignia viewable by all players denoting your in-game rank. Each Echelon rank progression resets your Doom rank to 1, although you keep all of your unlocks and gear as you continue to progress through the ranks.

Doom Eternal’s update is live now, and you can view the entirety of the official patch notes on Bethesda’s website, including PC specific changes, additions and quality of life adjustments across all platforms.