Dragon-Type Pokémon Weakness and Resistances

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to dragon-types in the Pokemon franchise.
We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to dragon-types in the Pokemon franchise. / Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to dragon-types in the Pokemon franchise.

Most trainers will known a dragon-type simply by looking at it. Unsurprisingly, these species often take after their namesake with vicious claws, fangs, powerful wings — or, in some cases, the ability to levitate on their own — and long, coiling bodies. Distinct from fire and flying-types like Charizard, dragon-types are their own unique category bearing their own strengths and weaknesses.

There are 64 unique dragon-types in Pokemon, making them the fourth rarest in the franchise. Like fire and psychic-types, dragon-types moves were all special attack-based before Generation IV.

What is a Dragon-type Pokemon?

Dragon-types are also among the first collection of types to debut in Generation I. Trainers will likely remember this type in species like Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. More recent additions include Altaria, Salamence, Dragapult, and Hydreigon.

It’s common for dragon-types to also be legendary or legendary adjacent. Examples include Palkia and Dialga, Latias and Latios, Rayquaza, and Giratina.

Dragon-type Weaknesses

As of Generation IV, with the introduction of fairy-types, dragon-types have a new Achilles’ Heel. Who could have imagined that a fluffy ribbon-dog would be the species to fell a mighty dragon?

Dragon-types suffer super-effective damage from:

  • Dragon-types
  • Ice-types
  • Fairy-types

Meanwhile, they deal half-damage to:

  • Steel-types

Fairy-types are immune to dragon-type moves.

Dragon-type Strengths and Resistances

Dragon-types deal super-effective damage to:

  • Dragon-types

They receive half-damage from:

  • Eelectric-types
  • Grass-types
  • Fire-types
  • Water-types

Dragon-types typically bear the most impressive stats of any group with their highest being special attack, followed by physical attack, HP, and defense. None of their stats fall below 90 when fully evolved.

Best Counters for Dragon-type Pokemon

Previously, the best counter to dragon-types were ice-type moves. Now, however, with the advent of fairy-types, trainers would be wise to stock up on fairy-type users when facing a dragon like Eternatus, Zygarde, or Kyurem.

The best fairy-type counters are Pokemon that can have the passive ability, Pixelate. While this might sound like a digital-based ability, it actually causes all normal-type moves known by that Pokemon to effectively become fairy-type moves and receive a 20% damage boost.

Currently, there are only three Pokemon that can have Pixelate: Gardevoir, Sylveon, and Altaria.

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