Steel-Type Pokemon Strengths and Weaknesses

We've put together a guide for trainers looking to understand steel-type Pokemon.
We've put together a guide for trainers looking to understand steel-type Pokemon. / Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

We've put together a guide for trainers looking to understand steel-type Pokemon.

Steel-types were yet another type introduced as an answer to imbalance in the Pokemon franchise. Specifically, this type was meant to also dampen psychic-types while providing some resistance to normal-types, as well. Most trainers will know these Pokemon by their impressive durability and imposing silhouettes.

There are 66 unique steel-type Pokemon making up 7.23% of all species in the franchise — making it the 7th rarest. Here's what you need to know about steel-types.

What is a Steel-type Pokemon?

Steel-types were introduced in Generation II with the debut of the Johto region alongside dark-types. Steelix, the evolved form of Onix, is among the most common examples of steel-types in the franchise. Others include Mawile, Metagross, Aggron, Aegislash, Corviknight, and Lucario.

There are also a considerable amount of steel-type legendaries, including the elusive Jirachi, Dialgia, Melmetal, Registeel, Solgaleo, and the legendary wolves Zacian and Zamazenta.

Steel-type Weaknesses

True to their durable appearance, steel-types have a longer list of resistances than weaknesses. In fact, the majority of their shortcomings are circumstantial and come from weight and speed issues rather than straightforward attack and/or defense.

Still, steel-types take super effective damage from:

  • Fighting-types
  • Fire-types
  • Ground-types

They deal half damage to:

  • Electric-types
  • Fire-types
  • Steel-types
  • Water-types

Steel-type Strengths and Resistances

As discussed above, steel-types are the tanks of the Pokemon world. They have the highest physical resistance of any group when fully evolved and the longest number of resistances clocking in at 10 individual types.

Steel-types deal super effective damage to:

  • Fairy-types
  • Ice-types
  • Rock-types

They take half damage from:

  • Bug-types
  • Fairy-types
  • Dragon-types
  • Flying-types
  • Grass-types
  • Ice-types
  • Normal-types
  • Psychic-types
  • Rock-types
  • Steel-types

They are also immune to poison-type damage, including the poisoned condition, and cannot be buffeted by sandstorms.

Best Counters for Steel-type Pokemon

The best counters for steel-types would be any combination of steel, fighting, and fire-types. Some of the most effective examples include Infernape, Blaziken, Emboar, and Incineroar. Other honorable mentions would be Lucario and Cobalion.

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